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About Our Company

Orion CPA was created to be a true financial partner to our clients. From bookkeeping, to streamlining business processes with modern technology tools, to implementing tax strategies. We do it well and we do it right.


Welcome to Orion CPA!


There’s an important truth to running a successful company. That is finding the right people in the right seats. Accounting is not a cost center, find the right accountant in the right seat and they will save you money in the long run by streamlining your business and maximizing tax strategies. Accounting pays for itself.

First off, if you’re totally new here, the best place to start is by dropping a line to us, introduce yourself, tell me what you do? And where your biggest frustrations are?

We are located in Barrie, Collingwood and Orangeville, but we are not limited to geography, we service all Ontario businesses and have clients in the GTA/Toronto. Technology has really made this possible, you can talk to your accountant and upload information from just about anywhere.

Bookkeeping Consultation
Accounting and tax consultation
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Modern Technology Tools

what we Believe

more opportunities

Business owners will have the confidence to pursue bigger business opportunities – if they know exactly how their costs are driving their profitability and their pricing strategies

killer impressions

The best way to make a killer impression with banks and investors is to present timely financial reports – with numbers that actually make sense and can be elaborated upon with confidence. We also do Audit, Review and Assurance enagements.


Your employees will thank you if you introduce proven tools to turn your business into a streamlined machine – with modern technology tools that get you paid quicker by your customers, improve cash flow, and pay your suppliers and your employees with ease

Tax Strategies

Your wallet will thank you if you don’t leave extra money on the table for CRA from a lack of tax advice – by being introduced to powerful tax strategies, working with some of the best tax advisors in Canada

Quick Message

Who is Orion CPA

Hi I’m Jenny. I’m your chief advisor at Orion CPA. I oversee all strategy around here. You’ll catch me with our team of cloud accountants/bookkeepers, who’s singular goal is finding you more value. 

I started my career with eight years of investment banking experience in Equity capital markets in Toronto, developing a keen eye for complex financial statements, and how to go that extra mile for clients – including CEOs and CFOs of TSX listed companies. 

But I always admired the owner/operators of local area businesses, where their business is more than just a job to them, who have built their business from the ground up, who’d risk their own financial well being to support employees when times get tough – this gains my admiration the most.

As I gained more experience in the complex world of accounting as part of a senior executive team at an established accounting firm, I’ve come to realise the tremendous value in having the right accountant at the table. 

Hindsight is 20/20, if I knew what I knew today while operating my husband’s automotive business back in 2014 – I’d hire a firm like Orion CPA, in a heartbeat, simply to capture the opportunities that streamlining and tax strategies would have given us.

Finally, when times are tough, that is when our clients remember us the most. During Covid-19, I personally made sure that each of our clients received personalized advise, on how to apply for the maximum government grants and subsidies that were available to them. 

Today, I enjoy being part of the success of my clients. We help business owners succeed in dynamic industries. We help them understand their business.

We get to help business owners free up their time.

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Why focus on more than just bookkeeping?

At the end of the day, numbers mean nothing if they can’t be relied upon to give insights. Even bad bookkeeping can give you rough numbers to file taxes, but what if it gave you incorrect information to pursue additional business decisions, what if you paid too much in taxes to CRA or in HST? What if banks don’t trust your numbers to lend you money?

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Cloud Bookkeeping and Streamlining
Accounting and Tax Expertise
Audit and Review Assurance Engagements
How to start

Your accounting information belongs to you.

Transfering accounting team is easy, and the best decision long term.

01. Meet and Greet

Let’s talk and schedule a coffee. Learn more about each other, share tips and insights. Answer some general questions.

02. free Consultation

You’ll send us some of your accounting information. We’ll write a report for you on any initial insights we notice. A transparent pricing proposal will also be provided.

03. Working together

A roadmap to streamlined systems will be provided. We will handle communications and switch over from prior accountants. Kick off meetings scheduled.

04. Periodic check-ins

Let’s keep the conversations going as we grow together. Continuous improvement and opportunities are spotted. Never underestimate the importance of pre-tax planning for important events.


Eliminate frustrations.
Spot opportunities